Cinnamon rolls

Servings 9 Rolls



  • 2,5 dl warm milk whole milk
  • 7 gram yeast dry yeast
  • 50 gram sugar
  • 1 piece egg at room temperature
  • 1 piece egg yolk
  • 220 gram butter melted (I prefer salted, but unsalted works, too)
  • 350 gram bread flour plus more for dusting
  • 0,75 teaspoon salt


  • 40 gram dark brown sugar light brown sugar also works
  • 1,25 tablespoons ground cinnamon
  • 75 gram butter softened

Cream cheese frosting:

  • 100 gram cream cheese softened
  • 3 tablespoons butter softened
  • 75 gram powdered sugar
  • 0,5 teaspoon vanilla extract



  • Warm milk to around 40°C. Transfer warm milk to the bowl of an electric mixer and sprinkle yeast on top. Add in sugar, egg, egg yolk and melted butter. Mix until well combined. Next stir in flour and salt with a wooden spoon until a dough begins to form.
  • Place dough hook on stand mixer and knead dough on medium speed for 8 minutes. Dough should form into a nice ball and be slightly sticky. If it's TOO sticky (meaning it's sticking to the bottom of the mixer, add in 2 tablespoons more bread flour.) If you don’t want to use an electric mixer, you can use your hands to knead the dough for 8-10 minutes on a well-floured surface.
  • Transfer dough ball to a well-oiled bowl, cover with plastic wrap and a warm towel. Allow dough to rise for 1 hour to 1 ½ hours, or until doubled in size. This may more or less time depending the humidity and temperature in your home.
  • After dough has doubled in size, transfer dough to a well-floured surface and roll out into a 30x25 cm rectangle. Spread softened butter over dough, leaving a 0,5 cm margin at the far side of the dough.


  • In a small bowl, mix together brown sugar and cinnamon. Use your hands to sprinkle mixture over the buttered dough, then rub the brown sugar mixture into the butter.
  • Tightly roll dough up, starting from the 25-cm side and place seam side down making sure to seal the edges of the dough as best you can. You will probably need to cut off about 1 cm off the ends of the dough as the ends won’t be as full of cinnamon sugar as you’d want it to be
  • Cut into 2,5 cm sections with a serrated knife or floss. You should get 9 large pieces.
  • Place cinnamon rolls in a greased 25x25 cm baking pan or round 25 cm cake pan. Line the pan with parchment paper as well, in case any of the filling ends up leaking out. Cover with plastic wrap and a warm towel and let rise again for 30-45 minutes.
  • Preheat oven to 180° C. Remove plastic wrap and towel and bake cinnamon rolls for 20-25 minutes or until just slightly golden brown on the edges. You want to underbake them a little so they stay soft in the middle, that’s why we want them just slightly golden brown. Allow them to cool for 5-10 minutes before frosting.


  • In the bowl of an electric mixer, combine cream cheese, butter, powdered sugar and vanilla extract. Beat until smooth and fluffy. Spread over cinnamon rolls and serve immediately.


To make overnight cinnamon rolls:
After placing rolls into the greased pan (after the first rise), simply cover, place overnight in the fridge and then bake them in the morning as directed. I like to bring my cinnamon rolls to room temperature first by leaving them on the counter for 30-45 minutes before baking (this is known as the second rise).
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Fresh figues stuffed with honey cream

Servings 12 figues


  • 12 pieces fresh figs
  • 25 cl cream
  • 30 g lavender honey
  • 20 cl fruit coulis
  • lavender flowers


  • Cut the top off the figs and scoop out the flesh with a spoon. Place the pulp in a bowl.
  • Beat the cream with the honey.
  • Add the pulp to the whipped cream and mix gently, so that the cream remains airy. Fill the figs with this cream mixture. Put the cap back on and store cool.
  • Sprinkle the plates with fruit coulis and put the figs on the plate, 3 figs per person or as much more or less as desired. Garnish with some lavender flowers.
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Polenta fingers

Servings 12 fingers


  • 10 g sesame seeds
  • 1,5 l milk
  • 3 tbsp sesame oil
  • 300 g cornmeal


cooking polenta

  • Roast the sesame seeds in a dry frying pan. Let cool on a cool and dry surfaceR
  • Heat the milk with the sesame oil. When the milk starts to boil, sprinkle in the cornmeal, stirring vigorously. Let it cook for 6 minutes while stirring.
  • Then sprinkle in the toasted sesame seeds and mix by stirring well.
  • Place a sheet of baking paper on the work surface. Pour over the polenta and cover with another piece of baking paper. Roll it up to a bar of 2 cm in diameter. Then set aside to cool.

pole fingers

  • Make rectangles of 10x1x2 cm from the rod.
  • Heat a good dash of olive oil in a frying pan and fry the polenta fingers until they are golden brown. Then drain on a piece of kitchen paper.
Source: Alasin Ducasse, Grand livre du cuisine
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Pizza Margherita

Servings 2 pizzas


  • 300 g pizza dough
  • 200 g mozzarella
  • 250 g tomatoes peeled and squeezed
  • 0.5 tsp salt
  • 0.5 tsp oregano
  • 2 tbsp olive oil
  • basil


  • Make the pizza dough well in advance, see recipe.
  • Preheat the oven to 250°C, preferably with a pizza stone in it. Otherwise, on a baking tray lined with baking paper.
  • Place the tomatoes, salt, oregano and olive oil in a bowl and mix slightly. Not too much, the tomatoes should still be recognizable.
  • Sprinkle some flour on your work surface and roll out the dough into a round thin sheet.
  • Place the dough on a baking tray. Then top with the tomato sauce, stay slightly away from the edge. Bake for 6 minutes.
  • Remove from the oven and place the mozzarella on top of the tomato sauce and bake for another 6 minutes. Remove from the oven and sprinkle over some basil leaves.
  • With an oven stone, put everything in the oven at the same time, including the mozzarella. Then bake for 4 minutes, which is shorter, because the stone gives a lot of heat from below. When the pizza is out of the oven, sprinkle some basil leaves over it.
Source: Bijbel Italiaanse keuken
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Chocolat almond tart

Servings 8 persons


  • 1 springform tin 26 cm


  • 250 g dark chocolate
  • 250 g almonds roasted 15 minutes at 150°C
  • 250 g butter room temperature
  • 125 g caster sugar
  • 125 g sugar
  • 6 pieces egg yolk
  • 6 pieces egg white
  • salt
  • 2 tbsp semolino


  • Preheat the oven to 170°C, hot air
  • Grease the springform pan and line with baking paper
  • Chop the chocolate into coarse pieces. Spin briefly in the food processor and then add the almonds. Turn at short intervals to the size of couscous grains.
  • In a large bowl, beat the butter with the 2 sugars until white and creamy. Add the egg yolks and continue beating until well blended.
  • Beat the egg whites stiff with a pinch of salt.
  • Mix one third of the egg whites with the butter mixture. Then add the chocolate-almond mixture and finally fold in the rest of the egg whites carefully, so that the air remains.
  • Pour the batter into the springform pan and bake for 55 minutes.
  • Let cool on a rack and then cut into wedges.
Source: Bijbel van Italiaanse keuken
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Seabass alla Lugure

Servings 2 persons


  • 2 pieces Seabass or Seabream fillets
  • 350 g potatoes cut in thin slices
  • 200 g cherry tomatoes halved
  • Plain black olives -pitted
  • 20 g pine nuts optional
  • 1 garlic clove
  • A couple of rosemary sprigs
  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • Sea salt
  • White wine optional


  • Heat your oven to 200°/180°C fan. In a baking tray place the potato slices, the halved cherry tomatoes, olives, pine nuts. Add the garlic, rosemary sprigs, salt and a generous drizzle of olive oil, mix together.
  • Roast in the oven for 20-25 minutes until the potatoes start to soften.
  • Season the seabass fillets, then place on top of the the potatoes add a splash of white wine, bake for a further 15-20 minutes until the fish is cooked through.
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Chocolate truffles with Ruby chocolate

Servings 24 pieces



  • 1 piece vanilla pod
  • 225 gr cream
  • 100 gr sugar
  • 1 pinch salt
  • 175 gr butter at room temperature

Raspberry sugar

  • 250 gr icing sugar
  • 20 gr freeze-dried raspberries


  • 400 gr ruby ​​chocolate melted



  • Cut open the vanilla pod and scrape out the seeds. Put both the marrow and the stick together with the cream, sugar and salt in a saucepan and slowly bring to the boil. When the mixture boils, remove the pan from the heat and keep stirring until all the sugar has dissolved. Cover the pan with a lid and let it cool to room temperature.
  • Remove the vanilla pod from the cream. Beat the butter for a few minutes until fluffy. Gradually add the vanilla cream and continue beating. The mixture should eventually be easy to spray. If it is too thin, place it in the fridge for 10-15 minutes and then continue whisking. If the mixture has split, heat the bowl briefly in a bain-marie and then continue to whisk.
  • Line a plate or dish with baking paper and place the filling in a piping bag with a smooth nozzle of 1 – 1 centimeters. Pipe elongated truffles onto the baking paper. Place the plate with sprayed truffles in the freezer for at least 1 hour (longer is allowed).

raspberry sugar

  • Place the powdered sugar with the freeze-dried raspberries in a food processor and grind the raspberries fine. Sift the sugar with a fine sieve, so that any pips from the raspberries remain.

Making the chocolate truffles

  • Take a few frozen truffles at a time from the freezer and dip them in the melted ruby ​​chocolate. This is best done by inserting a sturdy skewer into the truffle and dipping the truffle through the chocolate, or by using a wire fork. Make sure the whole truffle is covered, knock off the excess by tapping the side of the bowl with the toothpick. Push the truffle over the raspberry sugar from the stick and cover the truffle on all sides with the sugar. Leave in the raspberry sugar for a few minutes until the chocolate is hard.
  • Do this with all truffles. Once the truffles have hardened, place them in a fine sieve and carefully shake off the excess sugar from the truffles.
  • Store the truffles in the fridge or freeze them for longer. Remove the truffles from the refrigerator in time so that the filling can soften a bit.
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Servings 8 persons



  • 5 pieces eggs splitted
  • 100 g sugar
  • sea ​​salt
  • 200 g almond flour
  • 1 tblsp honey

almond praline

  • 100 g sugar
  • 60 g coarsely chopped almonds


almond praline

  • Line a baking tray with baking paper.
  • Heat the sugar and chopped almonds in a heavy-bottomed saucepan. Do not stir and continue until the sugar turns brown. When the sugar is a nice caramel color, remove the pan from the heat and pour the caramel with almonds onto the baking paper. Let cool and then break them into pieces.

pie dough

  • Preheat the oven to 175°C. Line a 23 cm cake tin with baking paper.
  • Place the egg yolks, sugar and salt in a bowl and beat until smooth. Add the almond flour and honey and beat until well blended.
  • In another bowl, beat the egg whites until stiff. Fold in one third of this into the almond mixture to make "family". Then carefully fold in the rest of the egg whites. It should be as light as possible. Pour the batter into the cake tin and sprinkle the praline over it.
  • Bake the cake for about 30 minutes until set. Allow to cool in the tin, but take it out when it is still a little warm.
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Fiocchi di neve

Servings 28 fiocchi


  • 250 gram Manitoba flour
  • 250 gram flour
  • 80 gram Sugar
  • 300 gram Whole milk at room temperature
  • 10 gram Fresh brewer's yeast
  • 30 gram Butter at room temperature
  • 4 gram Salt
  • ½ pod vanilla


  • 1 peice Yolks
  • 15 gram Whole milk


  • 150 gram Cow's milk ricotta
  • 150 gram Fresh liquid cream
  • 25 gram Powdered sugar
  • 0,5 piece Lemon zest


  • 200 gram Whole milk
  • 60 gram Sugar
  • 20 gram Corn starch
  • 10 gram Wildflower honey
  • ½ pod vanilla


  • To prepare the snowflakes, first dissolve the yeast in the milk at room temperature. Then in the bowl of a planetary mixer equipped with a hook add the two flours, the milk in which you dissolved the yeast, sugar and the seeds that you have taken from half a vanilla pod. Work everything at medium speed for a couple of minutes, until the mixture is smooth. When the dough sticks well to the hook, add the soft butter, one piece at a time.
  • Run the machine again. When it is well absorbed, add the salt and continue to work until the dough is well strung, for about 5 minutes.
  • Then transfer the dough onto a lightly floured surface and pirlat it with your hands, so as to give it a spherical shape. Transfer to a bowl, cover with cling film and let it rise for about 1 hour and a half, at room temperature (about 25-26 degrees C). After this time the dough will not double in volume but will grow a little. Transfer it to the work surface and take parts from which you will obtain pieces of 30 g. Once you will finish the dough, you will have got 28 pieces.
  • Shape each portion of the dough by placing it on the work surface in order to obtain a precise sphere. Gradually transfer the balls to a baking tray lined with parchment paper, spacing them well between them because they will grow a little further. Cover with cling film and let rise for another 1 hour and a half, always at room temperature.
  • Meanwhile, prepare the ricotta cream. Pour the liquid cream into a bowl and whip it with the electric whisk until it is firm, then place it in the refrigerator. In another bowl, work the ricotta with a spatula (or a whisk) to soften it, then add the icing sugar and the grated zestes of a lemon and continue to work until it is smooth and homogeneous.
  • Now add the ricotta to the whipped cream that you left in the refrigerator and gently incorporate it with the spatula, making movements from the bottom upwards. When the ricotta cream is ready, cover the bowl with plastic wrap and keep it in the refrigerator.

Milk cream

  • Pour the milk into a saucepan with the sugar. Bring it to the heat and stir to dissolve the sugar. Then add the honey and the seeds that you have taken from the vanilla pod. Then add the cornstarch, stirring with a spatula to blend it and stirring constantly with a whisk, to avoid the formation of lumps, cook the cream for a few minutes until it thickens and veils the spatula. Transfer it to a low and large bowl, cover with cling film and let it cool first at room temperature, then in the refrigerator.
  • When the balls have risen to a small bowl, beat the egg with the milk and use it to gently brush the surface of the balls. Bake in a static oven at 180 ° for about 18 minutes, until they are golden brown.
  • Take the cold cream again and work it with a whisk to smooth it, then add it to the ricotta cream and mix gently from the bottom upwards so as not to disassemble it. Transfer the mixture into a bag with a smooth nozzle , long and thin. Store in the refrigerator until ready for use.
  • As soon as the snowflakes are golden brown, take them out of the oven and let them cool. Then, using a smooth nozzle, gently pierce the base and fill them with the cream, always squeezing gently with the pastry bag. Transfer them gradually onto a tray, then sprinkle with icing sugar before serving.


  • Snowflakes can be stored in the refrigerator for 2-3 days. Before serving, sprinkle them with icing sugar.
  • The rolls can be frozen empty in a food bag.


  • Fill the flakes when they are still slightly warm to facilitate the abundant filling with the ricotta cream.
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Servings 500 gram


  • 200 gram abrikozencoulis
  • 100 gram suiker
  • 15 gram bladgelatine
  • 300 ml slagroom
  • 1 stuks kaneelstokje of steranijs
  • Werkwijze


  • Verwarm de abrikozencoulis met het kaneelstokje en week de gelatineblaadjes in water.
  • Los de geweekte gelatine op in de abrikozencoulis.
  • Laat de abrikozencoulis afkoelen tot dat hij hangend is.
  • Sla de slagroom met de suiker tot yoghurtdikte.
  • Maak familie met een klein beetje slagroom bij de abrikozencoulis.
  • Meng daarna de rest met elkaar en stort in glaasjes.
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