Velouté legumière autumn

Servings 6 persons



  • 1 piece leek mirepoix
  • 0,5 piece pumpkin mirepoix, unpealed
  • 0,25 piece celeriac mirepoix
  • 0,5 piece turnip mirepoix
  • 1 piece salsify thin slices
  • 4 pieces carrots mirepoix
  • 0,5 piece onion mirepoix
  • 1 piece mushroom thin slices
  • 0,25 piece green cabbage thin strips
  • 0,5 liter milk
  • 0,15 liter cream
  • 2 dl stock chicken or vegetable
  • 25 grams butter
  • 1 piece bayleave
  • 2 leave sage
  • olive oil


  • 0,1 liter cream
  • 0,25 liter crème fraîche


  • Place the milk with stock and cream over a low heat. Add the butter and a few wisps of olive oil.
  • Meanwhile, cut the vegetables and place them in a bowl so that they look nice.
  • When the milk boils, add the vegetables and crosses. Some salt and pepper and let the vegetables cook over a low heat.
  • When everything is cooked, remove the bay leaf from the milk and put it all in the blender. Grind everything well and add some milk or stock if necessary. The soup should have a thick texture. Season with salt and pepper.
  • Put the cream with some creme fraiche and salt in the whipped cream syringe.
  • Put the soup in a plate and pipe a dollop of cream/creme fraiche on top. Finish with a drizzle of olive oil and serve.
Source: Alain Passard
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