Croquettes, beef

Course Appetizer, Side dish
Cuisine Dutch
Servings 30 pieces



  • 90 g Bloem
  • 60 g Boter
  • 300 g Bouillon veal or beef stock
  • 225 g Rundvlees poached in stock
  • 0,5 tl Peper
  • 0,5 tl Zout
  • 0,5 tl Nootmuskaat
  • 6 g Gelatine


  • 100 g Eiwit
  • 300 g Paneermeel
  • 100 g Bloem



  • Soak the gelatine sheets in cold water. Cut the soup meat into small cubes.
  • Make a roux: melt the butter. Before the butter turns brown, add the flour in one go. Stir with a wooden spatula until you have a paste. Keep the fire low. Keep stirring, and let the flour cook for a few minutes. Then start by adding the broth, which you have weighed in advance in a measuring cup. The liquid can be cold or warm. In the beginning, add a small amount of broth. As soon as the first broth falls into the pan, the paste turns into a dough. Keep stirring, then there will be no lumps. When the stock is completely absorbed, pour another small amount of stock and stir again until smooth. As more broth is added, a larger plunger can be added. However, wait every time the broth is completely absorbed and has been puffed. Squeeze the gelatine sheets and add them to the mass. Allow to cool slightly.
  • Put the finely chopped meat through the sauce, and let it cool down completely. Store in the refrigerator until use, or freeze.


  • Remove the ragout from the refrigerator just before processing. Shape with the hands long round bars (croquettes) or balls (bitterballen), not too thick, otherwise they should be too long in the frying. Prepare three deep plates, one with flour, one with whipped egg whites, and one with breadcrumbs. Bring the croquettes or bitterballen in succession through flour, egg white and breadcrumbs. Make sure that the croquettes are completely breaded, so that there is no cracks in the crust during frying, and the filling starts to swim in the oil. Put the breaded croquettes back in the fridge for half an hour.
  • Heat frying oil to 180ºC. Fry the croquettes until they are golden brown, about four minutes. Let them drain on kitchen paper.
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