Foie gras

Course Hoofdgerecht gevogelte
Cuisine Frans
Servings 1 piece


  • 1 Parts Foie gras 700 to 800g
  • 9 G Zout
  • 2 Glass port
  • Peper mill
  • Ganzenvet


  • Allow the liver to return to room temperature at least 1 hour. Preheat the oven to 150oC and fill the baking sheet with water for the double boiler. Remove the two lobes of the liver from each other. With a small, sharp knife, clear the large vein in the round part of each lobe, follow its trajectory with your finger or knife to remove it from the flesh, then pull it gently. Also remove traces of fiel (yellow or green) and possible redness on the skin of the liver.
  • Spread the 2 lobes on your worktop, smooth side against the plane. Salt by spreading the fine salt well over the entire surface of the liver, then pepper. Place the large lobe in a terrine of adapted size and shape, smooth side to bottom, then cover with the small liver, smooth side towards you.
  • Drizzle with port, cover with clingfilm or aluminum directly on contact with the surface of the liver. Bake the terrine, turn the oven down to 100oC and cook for 45 minutes at 1 hour.
  • Remove from the oven and let stand until the liver is cold, then press lightly. Cover the liver with the fat made to cook or lard to prevent it from oxidizing. Leave to rest for 3 days in the fridge before serving.
  • In principle, 15 g of salt is used for a liver of 1 kg, but I prefer to use only 12 g per kg, or about 9 g for a liver of 750 g. Cooking is not standard, it should be monitored. If the liver melts quickly, it will cook quickly, otherwise it may require a little more cooking. Prick it with a needle to restrain: if you feel a slight resistance and the juice that flows is pink, it is not cooked enough. You can also put the needle on your tongue: if it is only lukewarm, the liver is not yet cooked.
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