Lobster bisque

Course Soup
Cuisine Frans
Servings 8 pax


  • 10 pcs Kreeft females
  • 1 pcs Winterwortel
  • 1 pcs Ui
  • 1 pcs Knoflook
  • 0,5 pcs Venkel
  • 1 pcs Bouquet garni bay leaves, thyme, parsely
  • 300 g Tomatenpuree
  • 1 shoot Cognac
  • 1 shoot port or white wine
  • 5 dl Kippenbouillon
  • 200 g Champignons
  • 1 hand full Rijst. witte
  • 3 pcs Chicken carcasses
  • 2 l water
  • to the taste Cayennepeper
  • Saffraan


  • The bisque is made from the heads and 1 whole lobster. Put the lobsters in a pan of boiling water with salt and immediately turn off the heat. Let them stand in the water for a minute or 3. Then let it cool down. Remove the heads from the body and open them. Then remove the lungs and the stomach. They give off a bitter taste. The coraille, the brain in the head, gives taste and goes into the pan.
  • Chop the heads and body into pieces. Prepare a large pot with oil and put on medium heat. Sweat the lobsters in the oil.
  • Add the vegetables and the tomato paste. Cook a short while to neutralize the acid of the tomato puree.
  • Flambé with the brandy and then add the port. Put the handful of rice in the pan, which ensures bonding.
  • Make the chicken carcasses a pure chicken stock. Put them on with cold water, without vegetables, and cook gently for one and a half hours. Always foam off at the beginning. Use this broth for the bisque. This gives a nice soft taste to the bisque.
  • On low fire cook the bisque for half an hour. Then add cayenne pepper and saffron.
  • Then open the knee, the scissors and tail of the lobster and take out the meat. Cut open the knee with scissors and use a knife to poke the scissors. Cut off the tip of the scissors and you get the meat out easily. The tail is easily emptied by pressing the tail with thumb and finger. Cut the tail in half and take out the intestines.
  • Go through the bisque with the hand blender. Then remove the large pieces from the bisque and sieve through a coarse sieve. Then you pass the bisque through a fine sieve. Season to taste if necessary and serve with the pieces of lobster and possibly some brunoise cut and blanched vegetables.
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