A good sauce with the right dish is pure magic. The sauce lifts a dish to a height that can make you instantly happy. How nice would it be if you knew the basics to make the sauce from there that suits the dish you want to make. Which finishes the dish and makes you lick your fingers.

In this short course you will learn what you need as a base and how you can turn this base into a sauce. Hot or cold, savory or sweet, creamy or liquid. You will learn sauces from different parts of the world, but we will start with the basics from France.

In three lessons you will learn how to make a sauce from different ingredients such as chicken, beef, egg, milk, butter, vegetables, herbs, spices and fruits. You will also learn how to make a gravy and what the difference is between a sauce and a gravy.


This course is done with a minimum number of participants of 4 people. For example, you can register per group of friends.

This course consists of 3 evening classes. A number of sauces are made per lesson, plus a few dishes to give you a taste of what a sauce does to a dish. The lessons cannot be booked separately. Scroll down for lesson details.


Nov 11; Nov 29; December 16

Time of day

From ±6 pm to 10.30 pm.


€250 per person for the 3 lessons. Includes drinks and coffee.


Individually or per group.

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LESSON 1: French Mother Sauces

Date: November 11

When you think of the classic French cuisine and the sauces, you quickly come to the French chef Carême and later Escoffier. You will learn the 5 mother sauces Bechamel, Velouté, Espagnole, Hollandaise and Tomato Sauce in this course. The derived sauces are called the daughters.

Some sauces are heavy because they are bound with a roux, at the end of the last century lighter variants came into use by thickening sauces by reducing (boiling down).

We start at the beginning, the broths. We’ll make it from scratch and use it in the next lesson.

You can also make sauces without stocks, and we choose a number of them. A beurre blanc plus some daughters, Hollandaise sauce plus a few daughters and mayonnaise. We also make tomato sauce and bechamel sauce, which go well with vegetables.

Lesson 2: Sauces based on broths

Date: November 29

We have frozen the stocks that were made last time and are now going to use them again. The Espagnole sauce and the demi glace for comparison. This last sauce is often used to replace the elaborate Espagnole sauce. It is interesting to taste the difference. Plus daughter sauce is the Bordelaise sauce, we are going to make that too!

You will learn to make the velouté from different stocks.

Lesson 3: Mediterranean and Asian and special and sweet sauces

Date: December 16

The last lesson we make sauces that you may know, but have never made, such as chimchurri from Argentina, sofrito and pesto from Italy, romesco from Catalonia, the Japanese ponzu and the Chinese Hoi Sin.

You can also make sauces from vegetables such as red cabbage. You can see what is special about this in the colors, but the flavors will also amaze you.

For dessert we also have a few sweet sauces on the program!