Soup of red fruits and yoghurt curd

Course Dessert
Cuisine Dutch
Servings 16 pax


  • 2 liter Yoghurt
  • 4 bags Vanillesuiker
  • 4 pinche Kaneel
  • 12 pieces Sinaasappel
  • 200 g Suiker
  • 4 spods Vanillestokje
  • 4 pinche Piment
  • 2 whole grains Rode peper
  • 1200 g Aardbei
  • 1200 g Kersen
  • 400 g Bosbessen
  • 400 g Blackberries


  • Make a curd from the yoghurt. Get a towel and make it wet. Put it on to a sieve and pour the yoghurt in. Place a bowl under the sieve and let it rest for a few hours. You will see a lot of water in the bowl. The curd is now ready to use. Take it out of the towel and bring it to the taste with vanilla sugar.
  • Heat the orange juice with the sugar to solve the sugar. Add the vanilla pod and pepper. Let it infuse 5 minutes. Cool down and pass it through a sieve.
  • Blender half of the strawberries and mix with the spicy orange juice. Cut the remainder of the strawberries in quarters. Divide the cherries and other fruits over deep plates. Pour the orange juice over the fruits. Place a quenelle yoghurt curd in the middle of the plate and serve.
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