Mushroom broth

Course Soup
Servings 15 pax.


  • 1 kg Champignon
  • 10 g Porcini
  • 1 tsp Zout
  • 5 l Groentebouillon
  • 1 pieces bay leaf
  • 4 pieces Allspice
  • 1 twig Tijm
  • 6 pieces Peper
  • 4 dl Sherry



  • Rub the champignons until clean and cut a small piece from its stem. Cut into slices and place a handful aside. Crumble the dried mushrooms as well as possible. Add the champignons and dried mushrooms in a bowl together with salt. Mix well, cover with a cloth and allow to rest overnight in a cool place. The longer the mushrooms rest, the better the taste. Make sure the bowl is not covered airtight and that the temperature is not higher than 12°C.

Preparation method

  • Place the mushroom mixture in a large pan and add the vegetable broth, bay leaf, allspice, thyme (place a couple of leaves aside) and the pepper grains. Boil for 2 approx. 2 hours on low heat in order to infuse the aroma. Cover a sieve with a moist kitchen cloth. Sieve the broth and press down what remains in the cloth. Season the broth with sherry. Rub the left-over champignons until clean. Cut in thin slices and add to the broth. Sprinkle the left-over thyme leaves over the broth.
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