Interested in learning all there is to know about Dutch food in the rich culinary culture of modern Amsterdam?
Cook Your Life offers a unique opportunity to enjoy an in-depth as well as personal cooking and food experience, you will not forget easily.
During the week, we’ll explore local markets as well as the countryside, and meet some of our favorite artisan food producers such as butchers, bakers, cheese makers, wine distributors, and fishmongers.

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Dates & Costs

This workshop has a duration of 6 days and is available upon request. Price upon request as well.
You can also attend a workshop for 1 day.


  • An aperitif and welcome dinner at Cook your Life
  • All the food products we buy and prepare during the workshops
  • All beverages consumed during the workshops
  • Four cooking classes
  • Transportation from Cook Your Life to the locations we visit
  • Boat trip
  • A formal wine tasting and cellar visit
  • Wine pairing lunch at a local restaurant
  • A dinner experience at a Michelin star restaurant, including wine
  • Market and farm visits as well as the visit and workshops of artisan food producers
  • A visit to a local kitchenware shop
  • A curated gift from Cook your Life
  • All recipes in English

Please note

Airfare and lodging are not included. We are happy to suggest to you some of our favorite hotels and local dining spots.
When exploring Amsterdam during your free time, we can give you tips on what to do, different from the standard tourist attractions. Upon request, we can organize special trips for you.

Group size

Between 4 en 8 persons.


Individually or per group. Sign up using the contact form or call us.

Would you like to surprise someone with a cooking class or workshop at Cook Your Life? You can book a voucher via the contact form.


  • We gather at our place where we start each day with Dutch pastries and coffee.
  • We highlight classic cooking techniques and methods that every home cook should know.
  • We’ll touch on key cooking methods and kitchen rituals, talk through the importance of proper knife skills and the essence of having a well-stocked pantry.
  • We cover certain basic cooking techniques such as blanching, braising, frying, grilling, poaching, roasting, sautéing or searing.
  • We’ll prepare essential stocks and seasonal Dutch dishes, master the art of pastry doughs, and explore the craft of making a simple whole grain bread and baguette.


  • We’ll get on board of a luxury canal boat to visit a typical Amsterdam wine cellar and enjoy a leisurely lunch at a famous Dutch restaurant
  • Throughout the week, we’ll enjoy seasonal lunches with wine pairings and taste some of most extraordinary Dutch wines.
  • We’ll visit local markets and shops and explore the countryside, where we’ll meet some of our favorite artisan food producers such as butchers, bakers, cheese makers, wine distributors, and fishmongers.
  • We’ll learn more about prop and food styling, as well as the art of plating.