Airy butter cream

Butter cream for the Paris Brest and macarons Parisiens.
Course Pastry
Servings 1 kg


Italian meringue

  • 40 ml water
  • 125 g Suiker
  • 70 g Eiwit

Butter cream

  • 5 pcs Egg yolk
  • 240 g Suiker
  • 1 dl water
  • 360 g Boter soft


Italian meringue

  • Put the water and the 4/5th of the sugar in a saucepan and heat on medium heat to 118ºC.
  • Klop het eiwit stijf met 1/5de van de suiker zodra de thermometer van de suikersiroop 114ºC aangeeft. Klop de eiwitten op de hoogste snelheid tot ze stijve pieken vormen. Als de gekookte suiker 118ºC is, schenk je hem in een dun straaltje bij de eiwitten terwijl de machine door draait op de middelste stand. Laat doorgaan tot de meringue afgekoeld is tot handwarmte. Schep dan in een kom.

butter cream

  • Beat the egg whites stiffly with 1 / 5th of the sugar as soon as the thermometer of the sugar syrup indicates 114 ° C. Beat the proteins at the highest speed until they form stiff peaks. When the cooked sugar is 118ºC, pour it into a thin stream with the egg whites while the machine is running in the middle position. Continue until the meringue has cooled down to hand heat. Then put in a bowl.
  • Beat the soft butter with the mixer to a smooth cream.
  • Add the egg yolk mixture to the butter and mix at low speed until the cream is light. Then add the cold Italian meringue and mix everything in the machine.
  • Cover the cream until use with plastic foil and store at room temperature. Then add the desired aroma.
  • You can freeze this cream. After thawing again, gently beat it in the food processor for 10 minutes, so that it becomes light again.
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