Crumble pastry of rhubarb and strawberries

Course Dessert
Cuisine Dutch
Servings 6 pax.


  • 1 kg Rabarber
  • 200 g Aardbei
  • 150 g Bloem
  • 100 g Suiker
  • 150 g Boter
  • 100 ml Crème fraiche



  • This dessert is rather simple. You can serve it hot or medium warm. Vary with other fruit like apple, pear, peach or what is available at the moment.
  • Pre heat the oven on 180ºC. Peel the rhubarb and cut into big pieces. Rince the strawberries with cold water and cut into halves. Cut off the green top.
  • Put the rhubarb and strawberries in a big oven dish. Sprinkle sugar over it and mix gently.

Pastry dough

  • Put all ingredients in a bowl. Cut the butter with a knife and crumble the flour and sugar with the butter until a sandy structure. Stop mixing when the dough tends to stick together.
  • Sprinkle the dough over the rhubarb and strawberries and bake in about 40 minutes. Check from time to time the colour. It should be brown, not black.
  • Serve with creme fraiche and a few fresh strawberries, shortly held in a sugary liquid. Preferably with a flavour of lavender.
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