You´re already quite a good cook, but you´d like to improve your repertoire and learn all there is to know about cooking. Or you might be considering turning your hobby into a profession and need a chef who is willing to teach you the tricks of the trade and let you assist so that you can gain experience.

Do you aspire to cook at chef level and want to share your experiences with other cooking enthusiasts? If so, this intensive cookery course at Cook Your Life is exactly what you´re looking for. You will have room to experiment and be creative while receiving the personal attention, tips, and pointers you require.

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The course consists of 5 lessons. The next course takes place in November 2021.

The group size has a maximum of 6 people to ensure that you get the attention you need. At the end of the course, you will receive a folder with all the recipes and a Cook Your Life kitchen towel.


The classes take place between ± 10 AM and 5 PM. On day 2 we go out dining at the Michelin star restauran Rijks and we will sit at the chef’s table and you are able to connect with the chefs.


€ 1500 per person to attend all the classes, €325 per person for 1 day.

Please note: The price is based on a group of at least 4 persons.


Individually or per group.

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Day 1, November 22

During the first class, we will prepare several types of stock and cook a few classic recipes to help you develop your basic skills. We will prepare several courses, paying attention to the plating, and enjoy the fruits of our labor together.

Day 2, November 23

We start the day with a cup of coffee and a chat about the menu, before visiting one of my favorite, traditional butchers in downtown Amsterdam. He will give us a workshop about boning and explain the importance of being able to cut meat efficiently. It will be fun and informative! Back in the cooking school, we will prepare a classic Dutch dish using various techniques, including sous-vide cookery.

To learn and experience how the Dutch cuisine tastes we go for dinner to one of Amsterdam’s finest restaurants. The Rijks serves local and Dutch dishes which are based upon our culinary traditions.

Day 3, November 24

Day 3 is about bread and viennoiseries. Or in other words, refining your baking skills. We will discuss various types of bread and dough before getting down to a day of baking bread and luxury rolls.

In the afternoon you depart by boat to our wine supplier and you will do a wine tasting. Back in the kitchen we continue cooking and tasting!

Day 4, November 25

After a coffee and a treat, we leave town and head for the countryside. We will get our ingredients at a very special farm with an equally special mission: Supplying the very best products from farmers, horticulturalists, and growers, and invite people to try food with an authentic flavor.

The farm has a wide range of its own meat, home-grown, open-field vegetables, wines and cheeses, as well as fresh fish, bread and chocolate made by local producers. It’s a great place to browse and maybe buy some fresh local produce to take home.

Once we’re back in the cooking school, you’ll have the chance to be creative and improve your culinary techniques.

Day 5, November 26

Dutch cuisine is also good pastry. In the morning you will practice the art of pastry and in the afternoon there will be time to go with your own creativity. You will make your own dish, based upon what you learned this week. A challenging end of this cooking week!

I had the most delightful cooking week in Cook Your Life’s kitchen. I learned so much under Chef Leo’s tutelage. He is relaxed, passionate, knowledgeable and professional. The kitchen is fully equipped and our ingredients were only the best. I count myself as a good cook, but I learned so much this week, and found a new passion and confidence in baking, and making pastry. I was not only proud of all we accomplished and learned each and every day, but also surprised at how well our recipes turned out with the skilled preparation instructions and tips, including how to remedy our inevitable mistakes. I think I gained 5 kilos tasting and eating all our meals!! Delicious recipes… I also took several evening courses with Leo before this week. Each evening, we made 6-8 dishes. I did the French Regional and Asian courses. Yummmmm. Cannot wait to get home to Canada to share what I have learned.

Leo is a very passionate chef and has a lot of patience. I loved to cook and was, in my opinion, pretty good at it. But now I have the feeling that I am more free-flowing. With the ingredients I have at home I can make nice dishes without a recipe, based on all the knowledge I gained in class. Leo listens well and is more than willing to change the agenda if there are things, techniques or ingredients you would like to try. Also, we received all the recipes. I’ve used them several times since I return home. If I didn’t live in another country, I would have taken another class at Leo’s cooking school.