Sauce Hollandaise

Cook Time 20 minutes
Total Time 20 minutes
Course Sauce
Cuisine Frans
Servings 7 dl


  • 0,5 Pcs Citroensap
  • 250 g Boter Clarified
  • 4 Pcs Eidooier
  • 1 tsp Peperkorrels Crushed
  • 1 tblsp Witte wijnazijn
  • 4 tblsp water


  • Blend the vinegar and water and pepper in a pan. Reduce until two third. Cool down. Add the egg yolks to the mixture and mix with the whisk. Place the pan above another pan with slowely boiling water (au bain marie) and keep whisking. The whisk must stay in touch with the bottom of the pan. After 8-10 minutes the sauce should be creamy and smooth. Do not heat above 65ºC, otherwise the eggs will clot. Pour slowly and mix with the clarified butter. Bring to the taste with salt and in the end some lemon juice. Serve immediately or keep warm above warm, not hot, water. Or in a thermosbottle.
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