Does the thought of chocolate make you go crazy? Many people are fond of it, perhaps because it contains substances that can make you feel euphoric or even in love. So really, it makes you pretty happy.

This workshop consists of two lessons and can be booked separately or in combination. Scroll on for more information.


This workshop consists of two lessons and can be booked separately or in combination.

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Both lessons take place between ± 6 pm and 10.30 pm.


€ 240 per person for two classes.
€125 per person for a single class.
The classes include drinks and coffee.


Individually or per group. Register via the contact form or call.

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Date: Upon request
In this class, we make chocolates in three ways.
We make truffles, small balls made of chocolate and “ganache”, a chocolate mixture with cream and sometimes butter. You can flavor chocolate truffles by adding liqueur or essences.
The second type of chocolate we make has a stiffened filling which is then covered with melted, tempered chocolate.
Also, we make different shapes of chocolates using a mold.
Normally preparations take a few days, but the class is designed in a way that you can make all the chocolates in one class.
It is possible that during the lesson, the chocolate will end up in the most unexpected places. But making them first and eating them after, will make your evening an unforgettable one.


Date: Upon request

Chocolate is a great enhancer. Especially with game dishes, chocolate sauces are often used.
During this class, we make various dishes using chocolate as a base ingredient. For instance, chocolate soup, which is interesting because of the combination with thyme. We also make a tagliatelle of chocolate, a mushroom sauce with chocolate, deer with a chocolate sauce, chocolate ice cream and a chocolate cake with running filling.
Of course, we only use chocolate from good brands with beautiful smells and flavors.