Thinking about Italian cuisine, simplicity and pure ingredients are the first things that come to mind. But also I can hear the market vendors shouting while they praise their fresh vegetables, and smell the pans that simmer for hours or fragrant fields of oregano in which you can get lost.

Last month I was enchanted by this beautiful country. I was inspired by its diverse cuisine which is different in every region and that has prompted me to set up a comprehensive and versatile cooking class.

In addition to this Italian cooking class, a number of new classes and workshops will start this autumn. Are you curious which ones? Then read on and sign up immediately if you don’t want to miss your spot at the stove.

Enjoy the summer!

Cooking class Italian regional cuisine

Italians can dine for hours during which they discuss one of the most important things in life: La cucina italiana. And especially the food of ‘di mama’ which reminds them of a carefree childhood.
This passion for food is what we have in mind during 6 cooking evenings, where each time a different region plays a central role. We ‘visit’ the mountains in the north, descend towards the coast, cook with ingredients from Tuscany and Umbria and discover the rich flavors of the southern regions.
After each lesson you will receive the recipes, so you can make your own dishes once more and surprise your own friends.

Check the details to find out about the regions and dishes we cover during the class.


  • Dates: September 12, October 17, November 14,  January 23, February 27 and March 19.
  • Time: between ± 6.30 PM en 10.30 PM.
  • Costs: €480 for 6 lessons. One single lesson costs €95.
  • Register individually or as a group via the contact form.

Interested? Don’t wait too long to register since I expect the class to be fully booked soon.

Intriguing and special: Poetic dining

Do you want to practice your Dutch, like to dine in a special setting and want to experience something special?
On Thursday 1 August, I have planned a poetic dinner once again. While Bea van den Berg recites Dutch poems, I prepare and serve a seven-course dinner. Since the theme is summer, Bea has collected Dutch poems that fit this theme.

Sign up now to make sure you have a seat at the table.


  • Thursday 1 August. We start at ±6.30 PM and will finish around 11.30 PM.
  • The costs are € 65 per person. You can also book a €20 wine package.
  • Register individually or as a group via the contact form.

Share experiences with other cooking enthusiasts

You´re already quite a good cook, but you´d like to improve your repertoire and learn all there is to know about cooking. Or you might be considering turning your hobby into a profession and need a chef who is willing to teach you the tricks of the trade and let you assist so that you can gain experience.

Do you aspire to cook at chef level and want to share your experiences with other cooking enthusiasts? If so, this intensive cooking class at Cook Your Life is exactly what you’re looking for. You will have room to experiment and be creative, while receiving the personal attention, tips, and directions you need.

This cooking class takes place between 4 and 8 November 2019 and consists of 5 lessons. Interested? Find out all the details and booking options here.

Did you know that Cook Your Life offers a wide range of cooking classes? Perhaps you would like to discover Asian cuisine, learn how to bake bread or explore the true French cuisine.

Cooking classes that will start soon:

Click here to view the cooking classes in detail.