Wherever you go, you can smell the scent of freshly baked bread everywhere. And that’ s always a treat. Bread is one of the basic foods, anywhere in the world. That’s why there are countless recipes for bread. Join us on this journey around the world and discover special breads and their method of preparation.

During the course, in which you will bake breads from all over the world, you will discover the secrets of all types of bread you can find on our planet. The course is built up in six lessons, each one focusing on a different continent. For each lesson we will make a few breads typical of that continent. We also pay attention to the different types of flour and how to handle it.

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This bread baking  course includes six lessons, each focusing on a different continent.
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10 February: Breads in Northern Europe
9 March: Breads in Southern Europe
30 March: Breads in Africa and Middle East
22 April: Breads in Asia
8 June: Breads in Australia and New Zealand
July 6: Breads in North and South America


Each lesson takes place between ± 6 PM and 10:30 PM.


€480 per person for six lessons, including side dishes, drinks and coffee. A single lesson costs €95.


Individually or per group.

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This course is built up in six lessons, each focusing on a continent. Every lesson we make some typical breads that fit this continent. Per lesson we pay attention to the different types of flour and how you deal with them.

CLASS 1 & 2: Northern and Southern Europe

Date: 10 February & 9 March

The first 2 lessons are divided into Northern and Southern Europe, because the differences between North and South are significant. Consider heavy German bread, rye bread, as opposed to a light foccacia from Italy.

You will make your own sourgdough starter to work with during this bread beaking course. After the course you can take it home.

LES 3: Africa and the Middle East

Date: 30 March

Africa and the Middle East is probably the cradle of risen bread. We start with bread from the Sahara, where unrisen bread is baked in the sand. Also in this lesson the Turkish pides are scheduled, a pizza-like roll.

CLASS 4: Asia

Date: 22 April

In this lesson we will focus on the Asian countries. We make flat breads and bread made of lentils and rice, but also steamed buns from China.

CLASS 5: Australia and New Zealand

Date: 8 June

During this lesson we make potato bread and bread with macadamia nuts from Australia and New Zealand.

CLASS 6: North and South America

Date: 6 July

During the last lesson the Americas are covered. The countries in the North and South couldn’t be more different and are incomparable. We will make breads from both North and South America.